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THE iconic white terrace
Architect & designer: Zāne Tetere-Šulce
Project Area: 600 sq. m
Project Year: 2013
Location: Riga, Latvia
AQUA LUNA is the home of iconic nightlife in Latvia. Chances are that if you visited Riga during the summer, you dined or partied at AQUA LUNA, known as the most L.A. place in the Baltics. We really took care of the musical scene here, inviting globally famous artists for live performances. Summer asks for open-air nightlife, sleepless nights, terrace dining and icey cocktails. AQUA LUNA's got you covered. The public loves the spot because it provides a great escape from daily stress and unbreakable routines. The venue includes a powerful sound system for maximum impact. Overbooked during summer year after year, the site remains an unmatched hotspot for locals and guests since 2013.
Chef Sergejs Siporovs took care of the kitchen, selecting universally loved dishes for the restaurant's menu. AQUA LUNA offers European and Mediterranean classics that match the vibe of the venue. The menu is concise yet offers options for everyone. The key to a great dining experience is constant quality, which we have mastered. Food at AQUA LUNA is simply perfect, every time.
Icey cocktails and summer wines dominate here. The bar at AQUA LUNA is tailored for summer. You are welcome to enjoy fruity, colorful drinks with herbal notes. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise something from the menu as well as to make something special according to the guest's wishes. We are fond of a minimal and elegant cocktail design. All of our drinks are instagram-approved!

Summer asks for open-air nightlife, terrace dining and icey cocktails. AQUA LUNA's got you covered!

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