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stylish japanese izakaya
Architect & designer: Zāne Tetere-Šulce of
Vendor: Promark Construction
Project Area: 190 sq. m
Project Year: 2019
Location: Berlin, Germany
Photo credits: Alvis Rozenbergs, Aleksandra Slobine
The Catch is an izakaya-style restaurant, the home of contemporary Japanese cuisine in Berlin. It is sophisticated and yet relaxed, stylish and fun. Located in Charlottenburg, one of Berlin's most prestigious areas, THE CATCH connects a diverse public, creating a textured society of food lovers.

The interior is well thought through. We drew inspiration from the wabi-sabi philosophy or the Japanese worldview centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic include asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, austerity and modesty, as well as an appreciation of natural shapes, materials and processes.

The interior embraces techniques such as shou sugi ban (wood burning) and kintsugi (repairing broken pottery with touches of gold). To hint at modern day Tokyo, we integrated neon lighting and manga-inspired features.
THE CATCH is famous for it's fish. We started the brand with the idea of a dedication to quality seafood. The brand is a licensed fish importer. We bring the world's best product to our guests. THE CATCH is a top destination for precious raw bar foods like sashimi and sushi. We are praised for creating our unforgettable palettes that guests come back for. The best way to get an impression of the food is to follow the to-share dining style. It is easy to do in Japanese cuisine, since all of the dishes are made for sharing.

The restaurant's hot kitchen offers foods from a Japanese grill called robatayaki. The term itself explains a way of cooking food over hot charcoal similar to barbecue, that is inherited from northern Japanese fishermen. It's a centuries-old country style of making meals. Robatayaki itself is a wide, flat open fireplace. We offer meat, fish and veggies from the robata, mainly avoiding European-style side dishes to keep the original dining aesthetics. THE CATCH is also praised for it's authentic chicken ramen made without premixes. One can also find classic Japanese fast food such as gyudon on the menu.
We are most known for our meticulous attitude to making beverages. Apart from our signature drinks, we are strong in making the perfect classic cocktails beloved by wide public. The secret is to deliver the same quality each time the guest comes back. Our bar staff has both the precision and the passion for making the perfect drink.
The beverages menu lists interesting wines, boutique brand spirits, several homemade Japanese beers and, of course, sake.
THE CATCH connects a diverse public, creating a textured society of food lovers. DOn't miss the finest catch!

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