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modern Italian restaurant
Architect & designer: Zāne Tetere-Šulce of
Vendor: Promark Construction
Project Area: 140 sq. m
Project Year: 2020
Location: Riga, Latvia
Photo credits: Alvis Rozenbergs, Aleksandra Slobine
A modern Italian restaurant that stays off the beaten track, creatively exploring regional Italian foods. Snatch lives by Italian food philosophy: closely selected ingredients, pure palette, food served immediately. Snatch offers a selection of unconventional dishes that mesmerise your senses, beautiful wines and provocative, flashy surroundings.

Striking interior featuring an open kitchen, family sitting options and picturesque symbolism. While conjuring the surroundings, we explored all sides of the Italian culture including the audacious, mischievous, even naughty slant.

Clientele of different backgrounds and interests that shares a passion for our style of dining: informal yet glamorous, stylish and remarkably delicious. Snatch delivers a distinctive, unique experience that makes you want to come back again and again.

Snatch offers regional Italian cuisine opposed to the classic approach of serving mainstream Italian dishes. Our philosophy is that Italian food is beautiful in it's simplicity, purity of flavors and quality ingredients. We concentrate on homemade pasta, self-imported fish and seafood, selected meat. Our crudo section is also praised by guests. The serving style is minimal to highlight the flavors and natural textures of ingredients without going overboard with kitschy decorations.
We spent half a year traveling around regions of Italy, tasting and gaining experience before hatching the final culinary idea for Snatch. Chef Sergejs Siporovs created a menu based on the to-share dining style. The portions are moderate in size and unforgettably delicious. This way we invite the guest to combine his meal in a new way, trying out new pairings. The kitchen is focused on details such as homemade bread, a special kind of olives, a boutique brand olive oil. We value the full culinary experience and care for each part of it.
Italy is unthinkable without it's wine culture. We composed a creative selection of regional gems that invite you to discover and tease your taste buds. Our staff is well-trained and always happy to advise an original pairing.
Aside form wines, the bar offers a line of signature cocktails for the warmer and the colder months of the year. Winter usually asks for spirit-based long drinks such as Barrel Aged Chocolate Cherry, while summer gets playful with Spritzes, Amalfis and Mango Bellinis.

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